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Guest Blogging Tips – What Are the Advantages?

by GBAF mag

Guest posting is simply writing and posting an article on somebody else to blog or site. This can be done a lot on other blogs and often times on your own blog (sometimes). It s a fantastic way to get your name out and connect with new visitors. You are offering your expertise to another blogger and they are in turn offering you exposure to their audience.

There are some really great tools available for guest posting, some of them for free, others for a fee. For example if you are using WordPress, you can add a couple of widgets to your sidebar or site that will post your guest post to many social networks like twitter, Facebook, and google+ among many others. All you need to do is set these up, and when people read your article on one of those social networks they will see your author icon and be able to click on it. They will also see your link to your twitter profile, which is what will get them to follow you on twitter.

If you are not using WordPress you can still guest post on blogs. There are several blogs out there that have a feature where you can register as an author and post to their platform. Some of the popular blogs to guest post on include: GoArticles, WordPress, Article Base, and Buzzle. These are just a few of the blogs that I have used and had success on.

The best thing about guest posting on blogs is that you have complete control over the exposure that you give to your name. You choose what kind of exposure you want to give and how much. You determine how many people will see your posts and how much exposure you will receive. The more exposure you have the more traffic you will get. This is how I use guest blogging to benefit myself and my businesses.

Most webmasters would prefer guest blogging over advertising. It is very inexpensive, takes little time, and you have the power to choose what kind of exposure you want. One of the biggest advantages to guest blogging over advertising on blogs is that the search engines love guest blogs. Google loves them and so does everyone else.

There is nothing better than being able to work with other great writers to help promote your business and gain exposure for it. The writers that write guest posts for you are knowledgeable in what your site or product is all about and understand your readers. You will have more credibility working with guest posts from writers that have worked for or with your primary competitors.

Another advantage to guest posting is the backlinks you will receive. If you really do your homework on the topic you have a very good chance of finding other blog owners that also have a site about that same topic. When you include their links in your backlinks you will gain more traffic and will get better organic search engine results. Guest posts will also gain you better page rank and more backlinks.

There are many advantages to guest blogging and one of the best is that it is totally free. The other best is the backlinks and organic traffic that come with it. I personally prefer guest posting opportunities over pitching because I am not selling anything. The other bloggers pitching have probably put thousands of hours into their blogs and could never create a worthwhile resource around the topic. So, I always say guest blogging is free money and you will gain more from it than you could ever get from selling.

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