eLearningClasses.com An Online Academy Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Human Instructors Launched

Global Banking & Finance Review launched its e-learning platform called eLearning Classes offering on-demand online courses across various streams like Business, Finance, Trading, Marketing, Technology & more. Education is known as a never-ending journey that helps individuals expand their knowledge and learn new skills to stay competitive in today’s market. … Read more

Islamic Finance backed by Innovation

Islamic Finance has a variety of applications including the application of Islamic Finance to help alleviate poverty and promote education. It is a technique that can help the poor and underprivileged in the Islamic community. With this technique, the governments in the world can help the people of the community. … Read more

Islamic Finance and its innovations

Islamic Finance and its innovations have helped to improve the lives of the people worldwide, as well as the societies that they live in. This is especially true in the Middle East where they have been faced with the harsh effects of the Global Financial Crisis. Islamic finance was introduced … Read more

Islamic Finance changing Industry perspectives

Islamic finance is currently undergoing a change in the minds of investors and industry participants. While some see this change as a good thing, there are still a number of risks that will have to be factored into any strategy of dealing with Islamic finance. One of the reasons that … Read more

Industries that rely on Islamic Finance

The Islamic finance and Islamic banking are one of the largest industries in the world today and this industry is very profitable for those companies who are able to make use of it. These industries have also started a trend towards Islamic financial transactions as well. This has been started … Read more

Islamic Finance Companies the new game changers

Islamic Finance Companies, which is starting to enter the market in the United States is the new game changers. These financial institutions are all set to make a big splash in the world of finance by offering traditional Islamic services, like credit card, auto financing, and mortgages. All these services … Read more

Game Changers are opting for Islamic Finance

The Game Changers is opting for Islamic Finance in order to increase the growth of their businesses, increase profit levels, attract more customers and improve customer relations. Islamic Finance is not a new concept but it has now become one of the most important tools for entrepreneurs to adopt. The … Read more

Journey of their Excellence – Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance has had its fair share of negative attention in recent years. However, this discipline is one of the most powerful financial systems ever devised. The traditional system was based on borrowing from creditors at interest rates that were very high and paying the debt in monthly payments. This … Read more

Islamic Finance and its Excellence

The Islamic Finance system is based on a common principle of equity or profit. This principle was derived from Allah’s revelation of the Quran. This principle of equity is used to define all Islamic practices that will promote Islamic values, Islamic morals and ethics, and Islamic finance. The principle of … Read more

Islamic finance based companies

Islamic finance companies are some of the most sought after Islamic-based companies in the UK. They have received international recognition and the clients are coming from all corners of the world. Here are the top reasons why Islamic based companies attract so many clients. These days more people are looking … Read more