What is a Bank

A bank routing code is simply a nine digit number, printed on the back of each check, that attaches your account with the financial institution it is registered with. This banking code will be different for all banks, not just yours, so here are the various banks in the United … Read more

What is Alpha in Finance

What is alpha in finance? What is the relationship between financial metrics and the concepts of alpha? These are questions that are often asked by novice traders who need to learn the basics of trading before they move forward into more advanced aspects of their investing career. Alpha is an … Read more

How to Start a Corporation

How to start a Corporation is a common question. Starting a Corporation is as simple as creating a document called Articles of Organization, then signing your name on it and filing with the appropriate authorities. There are many other resources, books, courses and seminars that can help you in this … Read more

What is Corporate Finance

What is corporate finance? Corporate finance is a specialized field of finance, which deals primarily with the financial activities of businesses and the sources of capital. This also includes the management of these financial activities and how they affect the overall performance of a business. The term “corporate finance” refers … Read more

What is Competitive Advantage

What is competitive advantage? In simple terms, it’s defined as a certain advantage that a company possesses in the marketplace. Essentially, what is the competitive advantage is the way that a company can gain an advantage over another company that may be trying to compete in that same marketplace. So, … Read more

What is a Capitalist

In this article, I have called them capitalists, but you may also call them “monetizers,” “rapists,” “slobs,” “needy,” “robbers,” or just capitalists. A capitalist is that rarest of creatures: an individual risk-taker, who creates value, multiplies, and lasts, not only for him but also for society, humanity, nature, the world, … Read more

How to Invest your Money

There are literally thousands of money investing strategies out there. It may seem overwhelming, but if you have an ounce of common sense, you can easily find your way around the information overload. If you don’t know where to start, you should start by looking at some of the money … Read more

How to Invest 10k

For the investor who is new to the world of online investing, it is important that they know how to invest 10k in penny stocks. This is a good thing to do because you can get a lot of great deals. The one thing that you will have to do … Read more

How to Start Dropshipping

If you have been wondering how to start dropshipping, then this is the right place to read and learn more about this method. Dropshipping is a simple business, where in you can run an online store with no owning any physical goods. You simply find a reliable supplier and you … Read more

How to Start Couponing

“How to start couponing?” That is a question most people ask when they first get started on their shopping or food shopping. Coupons are like magic; they can make your food shopping or grocery shopping easier, faster and more economical than ever before! If you are looking for answers to … Read more