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Make Passive Income With These 3 Shopify Businesses

by GBAF mag

Are you tired of working your tail off to make ends meet at your current job and tired of answering the same queries from friends and family? If so, it may be time to consider making a career change to one of the many passive income opportunities available. Many people will recommend that you take up a full time position at your old job, but what if you just don’t have enough time or energy anymore? After all, even with the most loyal employees, there are only so many hours in a day. The perfect answer? Stop working for an employer and make passive income working online.

If you’re looking for the best ways to earn passive income working online, then Instagram is your secret. You might not know it yet, but Instagram is quickly becoming the go to place for social media mavens to market their products and businesses. Millions of users log on to Instagram every single day, browsing through their favorite pictures and posting comments and updates on any number of different subjects. For businesses, this is the ultimate marketing platform. With millions of potential customers each day by logging on to their profiles to chat, follow others, or simply enjoy the social aspect of the site, companies are jumping in with both feet. If you already have an Instagram account or are planning on launching one soon, then you might want to take advantage of some of these easy ways to monetize your account.

The first option to consider is advertising. There are literally thousands of companies online who are willing to pay you to advertise on your page. From banner ads to text ads and everything in between, you’ll be able to find the perfect type of ad to make money from your page. The best passive income ideas come from advertising related to your niche, so be sure to choose ads that directly relate to your business. If you own a dog grooming business, look for ads related to that specific industry. You can also look for popular keywords related to your niche and incorporate those into your ad to help bring more traffic to your site.

Another way to earn money from your niche affiliate website is to sign up to become an affiliate. This works similarly to the banner ads above, except instead of paying the affiliate a fee per click, you pay them a commission per sale they make. It’s basically a win-win situation for you and the affiliate. They receive recognition in a popular niche market, you earn a percentage of each sale that comes from their ad, and you get a little bit of profit from the website or blog owner as well. Affiliate programs offer the best passive income opportunities because the cost to set up the affiliate accounts isn’t high, and the earning potential out of them is unlimited.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate marketer, the best affiliate marketing strategies will get you started quickly and easily. You might want to invest in one of the best affiliate marketing training programs available, but once you’re in business, it’s your responsibility to learn how to drive traffic to your site. This takes time and effort, and if you get started with your business without learning how to effectively drive traffic to your sites, then you’ll find that your income will come to a screeching stop. Affiliate programs are designed to provide useful information, tutorials, and case studies that will get you started with your passive income opportunities.

Another passive income idea that won’t require much up-front investment is selling product links on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Some companies offer discounts or freebies to consumers who use their websites to buy their products. You can sell these links on your personal pages or blogs to bring in a little extra income. Just be careful that you don’t use up too many social media accounts for advertising (you might want to set up individual fan pages for each of your business accounts) and that you keep your product links to a reasonable size. If you go over your daily budget on advertising, you might lose out on making back your investment in a short period of time.

One of the best ways to make passive income that doesn’t require much up-front investment is to take surveys. Many companies, including major corporations, have survey programs that you can sign up for to get access to surveys and make money every month. You may have to pay for every survey, but if you take surveys frequently enough, this will add up to a considerable amount of extra income every month.

If you’re looking for another passive income opportunity, try shopping on the internet. Online shopping is one of the best ways to earn passive income, especially with Shopify. Shopify provides a platform for retailers to connect with customers and give them a way to shop, and they make money in the process. If you’ve never used the power of internet shopping to reach out to the world, then you’re about to learn why it’s one of the best ways to make money.

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