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Jobs in the Gig Economy

by GBAF mag

As the internet continues to become a huge part of our everyday lives, jobs that have traditionally been done in the brick and mortar world have taken a digital form with gigs that can be done online. Not all gigs in the gig economy are going to require you to work from an office; there are also freelance gig jobs and even blog jobs that can be done from home. This article will discuss the various ways that you can get your business out there and make money working from the comfort of your home.

One thing that makes the gig economy so great is that there are more types of freelancers than there have ever been before. Freelance workers in the gig economy range from writers, bloggers, copywriters, designers, marketers, data encoders and even programmers. All of these types of businesses are making their products and services available to consumers on the internet; something that they never could have done in the ‘brick and mortar’ world.

So what types of businesses are creating the most demand? The most important factor in the gig economy jobs that are being gained today is multiple income streams. With multiple jobs, you can create an income from home that will pay you enough to support yourself, your family and possibly invest in a business or two. This is why many freelancers and independent contractors have turned to offering their services as affiliates for multi-level marketing businesses.

While on-demand gigs are becoming more common, some professions are remaining stubbornly difficult to find work in the gig economy. One of these occupations includes web developers. Though this may not seem like a job that people would want to do, web developers help web pages load up quickly and appear professional. They perform these functions in such a way that they keep viewers coming back to a website and purchasing the products and services it has to offer. Web developers are needed by large companies and small businesses alike. The skills that web developers need to perform their tasks are in great demand.

Another field that is seeing a lot of gigs available is customer service. There are many different companies and businesses that need help with handling questions and addressing concerns of clients. Customer service can take many forms, from helping customers to order products online to help them find a local dentist. Customer service jobs are very popular with retirees, but they also are sought after by many different younger professionals who are just graduating from college or entering the working world. This is another field where the demand is increasing, as more baby boomers are finding themselves seeking work in this particular field.

Freelance writers are also in high demand, and there are plenty of businesses and corporations out there who want someone to do their writing for them. Businesses such as accounting firms, law offices and even marketing companies are always in need of freelance writers to do short stories, blog posts and other written content. Many of these jobs are performed offsite, meaning that the writer works directly for the business and gets paid based upon the amount of work completed. This method has become more popular lately, due to the rise of the Internet as a medium of business communication. Writers can easily leverage the power of the Internet to get gigs in this field, as there are many job listings and forums dedicated to these jobs. Writers can find many different projects online and bid on them in an effort to get the work they need.

Other occupations that are always high on the list of gig work may include transcription and medical transcriptionist positions. Transcription deals with converting spoken words into written material, and is a popular job for those who are looking to get gigs in the information technology and communications industries. Medical transcription is a one-time job, since most hospitals and medical clinics prefer for their transcriptionists to be permanent employees. Finding a job like this can be difficult, as many hospitals have strict requirements for their transcriptionists and it can take up to 10 years of experience in the industry before a person is considered a true professional.

There are many people who do not realize how important networking is in the gig economy. When a person finds a job in an area that they are interested in, they should start by contacting local events, trade shows, and other business-related organizations. Some gig opportunities even pay in cash, which makes networking even more crucial. Even if a worker does not get a gig immediately, the effort put into networking will eventually pay off. Many people have found careers by networking, and this is something that every worker can benefit from.

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