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Dadsnet Makes Children the Stars of its Hilarious New Podcast

by jcp


The UK’s largest fatherhood community Dadsnet has launched a brand new podcast where children are the stars of the show. Little Conversations is a hilarious new series where dads ask their kids questions on a range of topics for which no one can predict the answers that they will give!

Presented by comedian Phil Winterdrew, each episode of Little Conversations focuses on a different topic. Children of Dadsnet community members answer questions on subjects as wide ranging as money and superheroes, and the results will have you in stitches!

From six-year-old Roman’s plan for his superhero base, mainly involving the installation of “good quality shelving”, to four-year-old Jake informing us that, given a billion pounds, he would buy a dumbbell, and Elsa, eight, revealing her secret alter-ego, Poopergirl, Little Conversations is a rollercoaster ride through the complex world of children’s brains.

Dadsnet founder, Al Ferguson said:

“Not only will parents and children love listening to this podcast together, but they will also enjoy discussing their own answers to the questions posed on the show. Little Conversations is the perfect accompaniment to any car journey this summer and is bound to spark some fascinating discussions across the UK!”

You can listen to Little Conversations right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all the usual places you get your podcasts.

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