How to Start a Corporation

How to start a Corporation is a common question. Starting a Corporation is as simple as creating a document called Articles of Organization, then signing your name on it and filing with the appropriate authorities. There are many other resources, books, courses and seminars that can help you in this … Read more

What is Corporate Finance

What is corporate finance? Corporate finance is a specialized field of finance, which deals primarily with the financial activities of businesses and the sources of capital. This also includes the management of these financial activities and how they affect the overall performance of a business. The term “corporate finance” refers … Read more

What is a Capitalist

In this article, I have called them capitalists, but you may also call them “monetizers,” “rapists,” “slobs,” “needy,” “robbers,” or just capitalists. A capitalist is that rarest of creatures: an individual risk-taker, who creates value, multiplies, and lasts, not only for him but also for society, humanity, nature, the world, … Read more

How to Invest 10k

For the investor who is new to the world of online investing, it is important that they know how to invest 10k in penny stocks. This is a good thing to do because you can get a lot of great deals. The one thing that you will have to do … Read more

What Is Accounting

Accountancy or accounting is the method of determining, recording, analyzing, and communicating financial and non-financial data about non-financial entities like businesses and individuals. Accounting has two main elements: internal bookkeeping and external bookkeeping. Internal bookkeeping includes all activities performed by an accounting department, while external bookkeeping involves the transfer of … Read more

How To Start Your Own Business

How to start your own business is a question that has plagued entrepreneurs since the dawn of time. Many people have failed because they failed to realize that they could do it themselves. If you want to know how to do it yourself, keep reading for some tips on how … Read more

Islamic finance based companies

Islamic finance companies are some of the most sought after Islamic-based companies in the UK. They have received international recognition and the clients are coming from all corners of the world. Here are the top reasons why Islamic based companies attract so many clients. These days more people are looking … Read more

How Islamic Finance companies operate

Islamic finance companies operate in a similar manner to traditional businesses; however, they have some important differences. For starters, a Muslim will generally have to pay the price for being a member of the religion as well as the government. The answer to “how does an Islamic finance company operate?” … Read more